Getting Side Tracked…Well Almost

Sloths Put To Shame...   The way I spent this weekend would make a sloth say, "da faq, why you so lazy". I had a bunch of things that had to be taken care of this weekend. A checklist itching to get ticked off and what do I do? I spend the whole weekend absolutely … Continue reading Getting Side Tracked…Well Almost


It’s Not Monday…It’s You

It was late last night and the realization hit me, "Damn!! Sunday is almost over & I am going to have to go to work tomorrow". It's really depressing, isn't it? Getting through the week waiting for Friday and then being disheartened on a Sunday. Have you ever thought that it does not have to … Continue reading It’s Not Monday…It’s You

Axioms Of Life: Practice

I know, but I still don't "Axioms," I came across this word in school when learning maths as part of theorems [you know those lengthy four marks answers you would always end with "hence proved"]. Axioms are self-evident truths that need no proof. For, e.g., an infinite number of lines can pass through a single … Continue reading Axioms Of Life: Practice

4 Reasons Why You Should Write & Also Expect Hand Written Letters.

Writing Letter

It has been years since I have either sent or received a handwritten letters. The only mails I used to get were bills and bank statement but now even those get emailed. Call me nostalgic but I miss getting letters and postcards via mail. People would earlier stay in touch via email but now no one … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why You Should Write & Also Expect Hand Written Letters.