Assignment: The Beast Unleashed

In continuation of the last post, here is the assignment for week 1.

Assignment Description

Write a scene of 250-350 words featuring a character with one concrete want (a table, a moose, a toothbrush, anything physical is fine!) and one weakness. Use these two features to drive the action of the plot. Set up the story where every other sentence is a rising action. To help you come up with rising actions, use one word from the following list of twelve words in each sentence that has a rising action. In other words: Write your first sentence introducing your character. Make the next sentence a rising action using one of the following twelve words. Write your third sentence, which may introduce the weakness, then write your fourth sentence with a rising action that includes one of the remaining eleven words you haven’t used. And so on
Word List:

Completed Assignment

Brady slammed the fridge door and trudged back to his bedroom. Just an appliance for others, it was a doorway to both heaven and hell, on earth for Brady.

“Just a single slice and I promise that is going to be the last of it.”
“Just this one night, It will only be raw carrots and boiled chicken from tomorrow.”

As he lay on the bed, it screeched in terror, threating to explode under Brady’s massive weight. Brady shut his eyes, trying to pretend the voices in his head did not exist.

“Why does it even matter? I can eat whatever I want, no one cares.”

Brady shuffled and wobbled under the covers trying to wrestle and overpower these temptations.

He tried to recall from his foggy memory what the doctors had told him about the state of his health. If he ate like this, he was going to soon die.

Distracting the voices with these thoughts sometimes did the trick, not today, though. The beast wanted to explode out of his cage and be set free.

“I am going to die, everyone does, eventually. Just one time, just this time.”

He crawled out of his bed making his way to the kitchen.

As Brady walked passed the newly installed mirror he always avoided, their eyes met, he froze in horror unable to process the ginormous image that stood before him.

“I look like a filthy pig.”

His face flushed red, his jaws clenched as tears trickled down his cheeks.

How could I let this happen to me?”

He slumped to the ground and began weeping; sobbing like a motherless child. He cried until his eyebrows hurt. His throat was parched, and his tears had dried up.

Hunger drew him towards the kitchen.
As he stood in the doorway of his heaven and hell, staring at him was “Black Beast.”

Brady stared back with lusty eyes, but all he could see was a filthy pig.

“No More,” he yelled as he flung the beast out of the window.


Since I have not enrolled for the certificate and audit the course, I have access to all videos but I do not have the option to submit my assignment for a peer feedback.

I’d really appreciate if you can spare a few minutes and provide me a feedback in the comment section.


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