It’s Not Monday…It’s You

It was late last night and the realization hit me, “Damn!! Sunday is almost over & I am going to have to go to work tomorrow”. It’s really depressing, isn’t it? Getting through the week waiting for Friday and then being disheartened on a Sunday.

Have you ever thought that it does not have to be like that? You could quit your job right now if you want to?

What Am I going to do if I don’t have a job? How Am I going to feed myself?

Most of us would go like, “I have a family to feed, this is part of life. You hate your job, you complain about it but you just suck up and get it done, like the millions out there”

I don’t have a solution. I think I am too lazy and too afraid to go after what I really want. If you are freshers at a job or a just a college graduate looking for a job, now is your chance. It not too late for you. Find your passion, discover what drives you and then figure out what can you do to turn your passion into making a living.

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