Kindle Oasis: Pricing Too Far?

My “Love” of Reading

I am one of those wannabe avid readers that profess to love reading. I buy a couple of books every month, promise to myself to read a book at least thrice each week. I have at least half a dozen book that I haven’t even touched yet [maybe I should stop buying them for now, don’t you think?].

Hard Copy Books Are Awesome

The reason that I still buy books (usually paperbacks) instead of reading online is because I find it impossible to read something online and not be distracted. I guess in a way my brain is trained to jump to Facebook, Buzzfeed, Twitter or BoredPanda in the middle of reading Chapter 1 of Art of Work.

So I favor books instead of digital copies as it let me focus. There is no jumping to “other” websites when I have a book in my hand. I finished reading “Old Man & The Sea” in a week. The Navy lingo slowed me down a bit, but I found out that I wasn’t distracted one bit. Also, I did not need to take the time out to read. I read when on my commute to work, waiting for the train at the platform, in the bus [though I wouldn’t recommend it]

Maybe eBooks Readers Are Not A Bad Thing

For these very reasons, I despised┬áKindle or any other eBook reader until I had a chance to use one. I still favor paperbacks, but Kindle has its advantages. The device in itself is light, and it fits perfectly in the tablet section of my backpack. I had like ten eBooks loaded on it and each time I opened a book, it turned to the page where I left off. I cannot imagine carrying “4 Hour Work Body” & “Art of SEO” at the same time in crowded trains.

Sometimes I like reading just as I am about to hit the bed. The inbuilt light works perfectly for me; I don’t need to have lights turned on to read. As soon as I finish reading, I just hit the button at the back off to sleep. I found some excellent and entertaining books on Kindle store for free. I would need a library subscription to get books for free, and here I was in my bed browsing the Kindle store in the middle of a lazy Sunday afternoon downloading “White Fang” to read.

Kindle Might Be Cheaper In The Long Run

The biggest advantage that Kindle provides is the pricing. There are some eBooks [especially by foreign authors] that cost a third of the price of a paperback. (check this for instance) This price advantage works well for IT Certification Related books too. I loved the experience of using a Kindle so much that I made a decision actually to get one with a backlight [paperwhite I think]


Kindle Oasis

Then I saw the price if Kindle Oasis and kind of flipped out. Do we need an eBook reader that is priced higher than some laptops? [surprisingly the first thing that came to my mind]


At what point does the price of the product outweigh its benefits. Apparently, someone thought that this is the ideal price point to sell an eBook reader. I wonder if they thought that maybe this is steeply overpriced. Maybe it is a good product. I certainly hope it changes my impression about its value like it did about its practical use the first time.


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