Graveyard Shifts & Road Accidents

It was 4:50 am; the roads that are always jam packed with traffic were eerily silent today. I got in the cab and off we went. Though I hate waking up so early, leaving for work at this hour meant no traffic at all. In close to 35 minutes I would be in office. But the car seemed to crawl compared to the other cars and even occasional rickshaw or two on the road.

One quick glance at the driver and something did not seem right; he kept peering towards the windscreen like someone does when trying to read the fine print in bad light. A couple more of such stolen glances and I was pretty sure that he was dozing when driving.

Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year.

If you’ve been working in BPO’s or have worked in one you would know that this is not something out of the ordinary and it was not my first experience either. I was obviously pissed off with him; he might as well have been drunk the way he held the steering wheel.

It is a sad reality but most of these drivers end with 10 to 12 hour shifts without enough sleep between drives. My driver started at 11:40 pm, dropped an employee and then reached my place at 2 am and slept in the car till it was time for me to be picked up.

According to an article in Forbes, the highest fatalities due to car accident occur between midnight and 4am. So remember even though you are not driving the car you still need to be vigilant for safety.

  • If you are the only one travelling in the car, always ride shot-gun.
  • If you are riding shot-gun, be vigilant. I’ve seen many folks just doze off in the car or plug headphones in and turn up the volume.
  • Discourage reckless driving, report habitual offender, you might end of saving someone’s life, maybe even your life.
  • Never encourage going above the speed restriction, it is better to arrive late than to never arrive at all.

Travel Safe. If you know someone who travels during off peak hours share this article with them, you may end up saving someone’s life.


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