4 Reasons Why You Should Write & Also Expect Hand Written Letters.

It has been years since I have either sent or received a handwritten letters. The only mails I used to get were bills and bank statement but now even those get emailed. Call me nostalgic but I miss getting letters and postcards via mail.

Handwritten Mail

People would earlier stay in touch via email but now no one uses emails to stay connected, not any more. There are more options to stay connected than we ever had before. There is always Facebook to stay updates about your “friends” and there is also WhatsApp. It does not matter where your friends live or what time they get off from work you can stay connected as long as they have access to the internet.

Messaging & Handwritten letters

Phone calls have now been replaced with messaging, message delivery is instantaneous but instant reply is not necessary. If I was having a conversation with someone I would need to drop everything else and listen, but not anymore. I could be facebooking [if that is indeed a word] clicking selfies and at the same time be having a conversation with multiple people.

Friends have been replaced with WhatsApp Contacts. Meeting friends and hanging out [like Friends at Central Perk but a bit more realistic] has been replaced with messaging groups. Messaging apps are convenient and usefulbut it’s the over use and abuse which kills its usefulness and appeal.


4 Reasons Why You Should Write & Also Expect Hand Written Letters.

I. Writing A Letter Takes Effort

When compared to sending a text message, writing a letter takes some effort. You need to write a letter, attach postage and either drop it in a post box [if you could find one now]

II. A Handwritten Letter Is Personal

Because you taken the time and effort to post the letter tells the receiver that you really care. It’s not a random forward or joke. You’ve taken time to put down your thought is what makes is so special and personal.

III. Writing a Letter Makes You Thoughtful

Talking is a lot slower than thinking. Writing is much slower than talking. When you take a pen to paper and begin to write, you slow down. You cannot write at the same pace you think so you start to think at the pace you write. When you write you clear the clutter and get to the essence.

IV. It’s Permanent & Yet Perishable.


Just like reading a book is not the same as reading an online article, reading a saved message is not similar to reading or re-reading a letter. Your thoughts penned down are permanent for your reader, you may not exist but your words will always be there. It’s permanent yet the medium itself is perishable which adds to the charm.


Most importantly the feeling you get when you get a handwritten letter from someone you love is simply awesome. I know a lot of people would not be comfortable giving out the mailing address still [for some reason I am not] so I think I am going to rent a PO Box and have letters forwarded to me.

3o Day Writing Challenge: Day # 30 – !!Mission Accomplished!!


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