Short Poem: My Daily Battle

Each morning I wake up with a resolution lost.
At bed I tally the wasted time cost.
My desire is to be better and have a lot of money to spare.
Yet each day I act and pretend like I don’t care.
Time flies and fleets and all this I know.
Yet with all this knowledge, my achievement very little I have to show.
I write & I fight to shun mediocrity each day.
“You are not good enough and never will be” the voices in my head still say.
I dream & wish and wonder a lot.
One thing I learnt is that true happiness is knowing, your battles were well fought.
I no longer care if I win or lose.
All I know is that from now on I won’t let anyone or anything make me feel like a douche.

3o Day Writing Challenge: Day # 28

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