How To Beat Monday Morning Blues?

I would find Sunday mornings very depressing because I knew that the weekend was up and from tomorrow it was back to office 5 days a week.

Sometimes I wished that I could quit my job and sit back and enjoy at home. Sometimes I wished I could make my own working hours and did not have to travel to work during summers because the heat and the humidity would just drive me crazy.

What do you do when you feel completely down and out and don’t even feel like crawling outside of your home?You don’t want to go to work but you kind of have to because well you need a job and without a job how would you meet your expenses and live?

So just like most of us I fought the Monday Morning Blue and would get to work each day waiting to say TGIF.

We complain about our pay and we curse the government for everything from traffic to weather to taxes. We seek camaraderie amongst the other unhappy colleagues to console ourselves that we are not the only ones. We do everything from venting our frustrations to bitching about the “higher management” behind their backs but we never think about the most logical option. Quit.

It’s not easy as it sounds does it, from the time I have been working when the call centre bubble burst the job market has always been tight. There are no jobs in the market so I cannot quit, what if I don’t find a job to my liking. The other jobs that were available were in Pune or Bangalore. It’s an option for some but not everyone and once you leave your city you are not coming back, not at least for a couple of years.

So you spend 50 hours or more each week being around people you hate and doing a job that no longer excites or interests you. No matter how good you are or how many hours you put in each week at the end of the month you still get the same pay and the increments that happens once a year is peanuts {if you also took the rate of inflation in account} and you do all this because well if you don’t someone else will and you will be without a job. Something is better than nothing isn’t it.

What if you had a job where you could decide your own working hours or even work days?What if the only criteria to grow and progress were willingness to learn new things and not petty office politics?

You could decide the kind of people that you interacted with and yet still be your own boss?

Sounds too good to be true isn’t it. Most people will think so.

We are programmed to look for “what’s the catch” but if you are open to new opportunities and patient enough to build your online business brick by brick then you should seriously consider to Start Your Own Online Business Now without Quitting Your Job.


3o Day Writing Challenge: Day # 27

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