Chp 1- Eshna The Little Cub

The little cub was not little anymore. Though she still played with the younger ones and acted as one of them she was turning to be quite the lioness already a favorite amongst the elders.

Among the elders of her pride that formed the wise council she was no longer known as the daughter of Mhysa but as Eshna the savior of destiny, the hero that had saved the life of Tanske who was destined to be their ruler.

Her face was the face of but a child full of innocence. Indeed for in the idle time you could always hear her laugh or giggle like the little ones. But when it came to hunting there was none better than her for even the king was very fond of her and wished if only he had a son like her.From her first hunt when she was just a year and half she had proved to be a great hunter.

The old man loved to watch her hunt crawling out his den on the hilltop when she hunted.Watching her hunt during the day, the way she hunched and crawled amongst the dried grasses and jumped and grasped her prey reminded him of tales he heard when he was just a child.

Tales of Chirrad “The son of the Setting Sun”, their deliverer during the time of the great dry spell that had killed many both prey and the predators and had almost annihilated the pride.

Eshna also looked a lot like Chirrad too, her body covered with hair as fierce orange as setting sun.

The Old man was just a kid when Chirrad was laid to rest but he remembered it as though the moment had just passed for it was a day of great mourning and if those who still lived then were alive now they would still mourn his death for such was their grief.

“Alas only if she was born a male instead” he said to himself as he watched from the hill when Eshna giggled adn played with the little ones sharing her spoils of the hunt with them, “There would have no one worthy of the crown but her and none would dare to challenge his claim” said the oldman again feeling as though a one of the jumping horns that they hunted for food had managed to slip from his grip.

The old man was not alone, for even the elders thought and said so but only in hushed tones and in gentle whispers lest the offend the king in waiting and incur his wrath when he took the crown.

Eshna did not care about the crown for even if the king could someway be able to crown her the ruler she would refuse she thought to herself.

Even though she was young she was already had a reputation for being stubborn and headstrong and wouldn’t listen or do as commanded. She would question everything that she did not understand much to the grief of her mother. But she was loved by all the elders and favored by the king.

She always seemed to be so joyful and full of mirth that she seemed to lift the spirits of anyone in her shadows.

The  young lions competed amongst themselves each trying to outdo the other to catch her attention. The lioness envious of all the attention being showered on her. Eshna did not care for the attention of the lions or concerned herself with the snide remarks of her sisters. She was either busy hunting for sharpening her skills as the hunter learning what she could watching the great hunters in the pride or listening to the Old Man who lived alone on top of the hill for the old man would teach no one but Eshna.

3o Day Writing Challenge: Day # 26

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