How to Get 10,000 Fans, Publish a Book & More

I attended a webinar titled “How to Get 10,000 Fans, Publish a Book & More” on Tuesday last week.


In essence the webinar described Jeff’s own journey in building his audience and the lessons he learnt and ended with a call to join his online course.

Who is Jeff Goins?

I visit Medium quite regularly because it is a great way to discover new content. I had read a couple of post by Jeff there and I really loved them. When I saw facebook ad for this seminar I joined because his credentials as someone who knew what he was talking about was already established for me. This was not some free seminar that I could get whenever I wanted.

More About the Webinar

In short the seminar was about the importance of creating or building an email list and growing your audience.

I liked how smoothly the webinar went from one topic to another without a hiccup or lag. It can be very difficult to keep a webinar an interactive session and less like a college lecture especially when you don’t see the audience and the audience knows that the speaker is not watching but Jeff kept it interesting even on the chat too.

He also took the time to answer some of the questions in between and even said Hi at the start to the people joining in. I did not feel this to be a recorded or a scripted session but more like a conversation with him.

Spoiler Alert….Almost

Jeff covered the different types of personalities and provided examples of each of them which helped make the connection. He talked about his own journey and how after failed attempt in launching his own blogs he was able to hit the 10K mark.

How to Get 10,000 Fans, Publish a Book, and Make $100,000… in 18 Months from Jeff Goins on Vimeo.

The course wasn’t stretched for too long and was informative enough to get value for my time.

The Key Take Away

The most important thing that I did learn from an hour of my time is that how important building an email list really is and how missing out on as simple as creating a list is going to cause so much heart ache later.

Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them
. Neil Patel
Co-Founder of KISSmetrics, CrazyEgg, and QuickSprout

I realized that most of the websites that I visited and liked were soon forgotten and I kept going back to some because I received emails updating about the latest post or just sending me a seasons greeting. I knew it worked but at the same time I did not know what works to get more traffic

In Conclusion

Building an email list has been the single most important thing I've done in the last year to create engagement on my blog
- Andrew Chen

I realized that I cannot be focusing on only one aspect of my website (content) but I also need to focus on generating traffic [SEO] and that at first things may seem hard but not impossible.Setting up an option took me less than 30 seconds via Sumo Me when I found out that SumoMe had a built in option. I have a long way to go but it does not seem so difficult now.

3o Day Writing Challenge: Day # 22

P.S: Jeff Goins does not know me [even though he liked my tweet] & I gain nothing if you actually check the program out. If you want learn how to build your own fanbase and publish your own book, you should check it out though.


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