The Top Of Mountain Is Lonely!!!

The US Presidential race is in the news lately. A lot is being said of and by candidates hopeful of winning the ultimate elections.
It got me thinking about the current POTUS.

What is the President going to do after he hands over the reign to someone else? How do you prepare yourself to go from being the most powerful man in the free world to being known as the ex-President of the US of A.?

How do you prepare yourself to give up the position of supreme power and influence to someone else when you had it for 8 long years?
Just imaging this makes me feel sad and depressed.

What about the mountain climbers who feels the adrenaline rushing and the feels a surge of achieving after conquering the mountain peak.
What happens when you’ve scaled the highest mountain in the world and then there is no other greater challenge or mission to be accomplished?

I can only imagine how boring Neil Armstrong’s day must have been after being back on planet Earth.
What else can you think to achieve when you have already walked on the surface of the moon. That is the farthest that any human being has been, at least until now.

Now imagine being the best in your field and doing what you do, striving for excellence, reaching the pinnacle of success, going where no one would dare venture. When you have reached there what do you do next?

It is lonely on top of the hill. I can grasp the concept now.

Part of me is glad that I haven’t reached there yet because such a place would be very lonely and feel very dull and boring. A part of me say that it is just an excuse for mediocrity what is the point of living and dying as unknown, rather built your legacy else life lived as such would be wasted.

What would I care for legacy? I would be long dead then and my legacy would not matter to me then.
If death would come to me I would rather me content that I lived a life on my own terms without regret and sorry and that even in death I would live not in the memories of the people that I’ve touched and lives I’ve helped.

3o Day Writing Challenge: Day # 17

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