Quitting Won’t Get You Anywhere

Life isn’t fair, accept it and move on. No one told you life was ever going to be fair. Be grateful for being alive. Somewhere someone is crying for mercy to live for just another day.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. You couldn’t decide in what conditions you were born into but that does not mean you have to continue to live in those same conditions.

Change yourself and you will have the power to effect the change in others.

If you quit now, you go right back from where you started.
Why would you do that?
What is the point in quitting now?
What purpose does it serve?

Think of why you started in the first place, visualize how it would feel when you got through to the end. Keep going, keep pushing yourself one thing at time, taking one day as it comes. Keep doing what you are doing and you will eventually get through the end. The feeling that compels you to quit will be a thousand time worse after you’ve quit. You got this far, don’t quit on me now, don’t quit on yourself.

Show to the world that it is possible to do what everyone thought of as impossible from you, that you were meant to be more. Most importantly show yourself.

face-937887_960_720The biggest competition you have to face is you. Not the haters, he disbelievers or the doubters. It is you, it has always been you. Be stronger than you were yesterday so that you have a better tomorrow.

TwoDon’t think about starting, just start. Thinking is waste of time unless followed by action. A job half done is at least better than no job done at all.

Keep pushing yourself, do not let fear stop you. Fear in itself is nothing unless you let it grow by feeding on your insecurities and doubt. Believe in yourself, you got this far on your own right?

Remember the last time you said to yourself, “I can’t do it”, “It is impossible and cannot be done” but you ended up doing it anyway. You are stronger now because of that. Keep going, keep pushing on, you haven’t reached the finish line yet.

There is no tomorrow. Tomorrow will not be a better day. Stop lying to yourself. There is no better time to start than right now, make today a better day. A voice on insecurity, doubt will always yell tomorrow is going to be a better day, each day it will tell you tomorrow is the day to start. Wake Up….there is no tomorrow, there is only Today.


If you quit on yourself what stops others from quitting on you too. If you cannot count on yourself what gives you the right to count on others.

You can be as strong as you want to be, you can be as weak as you let yourself to be. The choice is yours. The choice has always been yours.

You have a choice now too either quit and accept defeat or fight for just another day.

3o Day Writing Challenge: Day # 16

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