I wish I knew this 5 years ago!!!

pablo (63).png

I felt an immediate feeling of regret the moment I came across this quote. I asked myself what if I had come across the quote 10 years or even 5 years ago.

As I began to dig deeper, I realized that it was not the decisions that got me to where I was but rather being indecisive and just being okay with status quo that was responsible for where I am right now.

I have never as happy and as self content as I am right now and all this started when I took one of the toughest decisions I had to take and to let go of my safety net. This set off a chain reaction to get me where I am right now.

The funny thing is that we are happy with status quo and content with things just the way they are until to change is the only option we have in life. We wish our situation was better but we don’t change until making a change is the only option remaining.

We make changes not because we want to but because we have to, we struggle, we push outside our comfort zone, we adjust and get used it until we are forced to change again.

We are so caught up in taking care of the immediate “problems” and instant gratification that we often miss the big picture. Someone once asked me,” how do you think you’ll look when you hit the age 40?” and I knew answer but I was too scared to accept it. The point is I knew I had to make changes and what would those be, but I don’t know what I was waiting for and why I had started making those changes yet.

Up until this point I often wondered why would they ask this ridiculous question in every interview I appeared for, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?”

To me knowing the answer means that you are aware what your long term goal is and the question also acts as a checkpoint to check if you are actively working on achieving your long term goal.

Change is constant, you could both think ahead and make changes to make tomorrow better or wait till the last possible minute and change in reaction to the changing situation.

3o Day Writing Challenge: Day # 7

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