You won’t read this because you are a “Procrastination” addict

I told a friend of mine yesterday that if hadn’t didn’t keep thinking so much and had just started writing 500 words each day he would have written 75,000 thousand words until yesterday.

Same thing applies to me, if I would have exercised for 15 minutes each day, 52 days of exercise would have been I would have been in a better shape that I am in right now.

If there is one thing that I have seen common amongst most people that I interact with (including me) is procrastination and that is something that I have a lot. Like it’s almost 11 now and I delayed this till the last possible minute.

time-699965_960_720Procrastination is when you keep delaying task as long as possible until the point you cannot delay it anymore. Productivity & procrastination are very closely related as the more you procrastinate chances are the lesser the productive you will be. I knew I procrastinated a lot but until recently I did not know why.

When I took an online time management webinar it taught me everything about how to manage time by proper planning and prioritizing your task based on the importance and urgency.

The time management course taught me everything about how to manage my time, but it did not teach me why I don’t do things when they are supposed to be done and how can I get over it and just do it.
What I learnt was that when you think of doing a task, you anticipate all the difficulties associated with the task and the pain centers in your brain get activated, to avoid the pain you switch to something else [like checking your facebook feed, reply to emails that wait….]. However this only provides a temporary relief. One thing that I’ve personally noticed is the longer I put smoking-397599_960_7201something off the harder it becomes for me to get started on it. Similarly the longer I keep at something the easier it becomes for me to do it the next time. In this sense you can think of procrastination as an addiction that only provides a temporary relief, the more you feed it the difficult it becomes to get break the habit.


But the good news is just like procrastination can be become a habit, so can doing things on time be made a habit as well. Habits actually are the most effective way of doing things.

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For example, the first time I learnt to cycle, I was scared and I had quite a few falls, when I did manage to ride without falling I was very focused on what I was doing and always had the fear that I could fall anytime, but with practice and time I had gotten used to it to a point when I was actively thinking about cycling as thought my legs were in auto-pilot mode. To be excellent at something, you need to make it a habit and habits are formed by consistent repetition over time, hence procrastination is not something that goes very well with forming great habits.


3o Day Writing Challenge: Day # 6

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