Why pocket notebook should be part of EDC.

Have you ever felt that you should have written it down?
For the past 3 days, each morning one singular thought occupies my mind. What should I write about today?

So, not surprisingly as I was packing my bag, I kept wondering what should I write today.
When you impose a task on yourself to do something daily and you have done it more than twice you kind of don’t want to break the streak and continue with the flow, so I was constantly thinking about topics I can write about today, tomorrow and so forth.

Hey here’s an idea that just him me, “Why don’t you make a list of 30 topics you doofus”

As I began to mechanically pack my things before I left for work an idea for a topic hit me.
I thought then, “This is a very interesting topic to write about and it will not be very difficult for me to hit the 500 mark on this topic today”
I was very pleased with myself to have come up with such an interesting topic without actively thinking about it.

As I left home on my way to work I was thinking about setting up a ritual for the remaining 27 days of the 30 day challenge and I could no longer remember the interesting topic that I was so pleased about earlier in the morning.
I started from home at 11 am and it is 5 pm now but I am still unable to recollect it.

It’s not the first time that this has happened to me and it isn’t probably the last time.
Now I wish I had a notepad handy to write it down when it hit me rather than simply relying on my memory.

Our brains were meant to give birth to ideas, ideas that solve problems or make our lives better, it’s a shame that we utilize it only as a storage device.

I think I ought to keep notes like Da Vinci, with detailed drawings and stuff but then I look at my penmanship skill or rather a lack of it, I think it’s is too embarrassing to scribble like that.

However it is reassuring that I am not the only one who scribbles rather than actually writing.

Note Book of George S. Patton

Pocket notebooks are a great way to store your ideas, thoughts or basically anything that would come to your mind.

Mark Twain would used his pocket notebook [custom made leather bound] to write from book plots to dirty jokes.
George Lucas also carried a pocket notebook with him all the times and would make note of ideas, words, and plot angles on the go.
Ernest Hemmingway also kept a note book not just for jotting down ideas and plots for his books but also to make a record of his expenses & to maintain a gift wish list.

For a complete list of 20 famous men and their pocket notes books you can check out this post by Art of Manliness

But I don’t want to maintain a pocket notebook because famous people did it.

I want to do it so that I use my brain for what it was primarily made and to not cram things that I need to remember.
I also want to maintain a notebook to jot down my thoughts, my ideas, drawings, observations and basically anything so that I can go through it later.

My Moleskine

I remember an instance when I was feeling pretty excited and charged up like I was on a combination of dark chocolate melted in black coffee and taken with a Red Bull and I wrote this note to myself for whenever I felt down and unhappy.

That note has always acted as a pick me up because every time I read the note I remembered the feeling I felt then and I instantly felt better and I am really glad for that little note.


3o Day Writing Challenge: Day # 4

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