How to publish Word press blogs via Email

After having unsuccessfully tried to find a way to publish my blogs via MS Office [as though I am an avid blogger ;)] however I just wanted to make things simpler, rather than logging into Word press each time, I thought it’ll be easy if I could just type it out and Click in Publish.

But I was totally wrong, I tried to Google my way out, but the instructions were just not clear enough for me, and I came across an article which described the Post By Email Feature and I thought of trying it out myself to Blog Via Email and it was fairly simple.

This is all you need to do:

1. Login to Word press.

2. Click on My Dashboard, then click on My Blogs.

3. Click on Post by Emails

4. It will generate a Random Email Address and you are all sent to start publishing.

5. All you need to do now is Go to your emails Click on compose, in the To field put in the random email address (xxxxx)

6. The subject is the title of your blog and the body is what you want to put it.

P.S: Even this blog has been posted via Email 😉

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