3G Services finally to be launched in India

3G Services finally to be launched in India
In a country with well over 584 million subscribers, second only to China to say that launch of 3G services has been really late would be an understatement.
It not till the end of this year would the services be actually available to consumers.
The Indian Govt was able to raise over $5.5 billion by auction of 3G spectrum which is really impressive considering the fact that they were expecting a figure around 40 crores.
While the winning bidders can provide 3G services to consumers by 1 Sept 2010, the actual time the services will be available is another question.
The exorbitant amount spent by carriers to actually get the spectrum allocated raises doubts if they will be able to raise the necessary capital to set up 3G network services on time.
This also means that the actual cost of availing 3G services might considerably be high for the consumers as rightly pointed out by Professor Sumit Majumdar in his article in Economic Times
However the cut throat competition amongst the carriers to retain their subscribers and add new ones should make it really interesting to watch and a win win situation to the customers.
While the number of mobile subscribers being added every month is really impressive, the majority of the consumer base is from the middle to lower middle class, the requirements of which is easily fulfilled by the existing 2G network.

Though having 3G network will allow faster download & browsing speed, video calling and streaming, online gaming and Social Networking the people to benefit the most would be corporate executives giving them the capability to have faster access to emails, option to connect to their network via VPN while on the move and not having access to Wi-Fi Hotspots.
SNS will also get a tremendous boost.
We could also expect a increase in more of notebooks and net books with 3G capabilities.

What I am really looking forward is:

  • Increased use of E-commerce
  • Rise in the number of 3G enabled TV services
  • 3G Budget phones in the the range of Rs 5000 to Rs 7000
  • 3G enabled devices like IPAD and Kindle enabling consumers to shop online, read e books and a host of educational services being launched for students.
  • Launch of interactive “e-classrooms” as an alternative to traditional instructor based lectures in university enabling flexibility and increased collaboration amongst students pursuing courses through distance education.
  • 3G enabled interactive kiosk machines located at public utility installations like airports, train stations etc enabling quick dissemination of critical information and a means for increased revenue by the means of advertisement.

The human need to be to socialize and always constantly be in touch will never cease to exist, so will the evolution in better technologies.
Talks are already on for the 4G spectrum as well.

While launch of 3G services is being highly anticipated I am going to stay back and see how good the initial response is and how intense the competition amongst the carriers in going to be.

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