People Management & Human Behavior (Am I overthinking or what ?)

In today’s corporate world much importance is given to Time Management, meeting targets and number…. blah blah blah…. but what I have seen missing(from my point of view) is handling people and importance of knowing a bit of human behavior especially when your a leader and how your interaction or behavior affects others and ultimately you… and the vicious cycle.

I have always thought this topic to be something not worth the effort of thinking about and even worse trying to implore its impact till a few days ago.

In school, there was this story I read about the author’s friend trying to spread happiness by thanking and complimenting people he came across everyday thinking that even if he could make 1 person out of a 100 happy, the goodwill would spread and a world would be a better place. 

Though it made an interesting subject to read, I always wondered that it was very impractical and foolish of him to think about changing the world with this approach but I was always fascinated by the thought WHAT IF???  

As in my earlier blog, I pointed out we love to vent out our frustrations about work rather than have a good time, @times I have seen ppl act really stupid (even me 4 dat matter when I’ve had one drink too many), but at times maybe its ur brains cells being damaged or being in the elevated state of relaxation or just plain “I Dont give a DAMN to what I say coz m drunk attitude” you observe people break their inhibitions and say things that forces you to view topics and things from a different perspective. 

It made me realize that though I think am just doing my job, or I am not responsible for your personal shit that you go thru in life wen @wrk I expect you to meet ur number so that I can meet mine, I never thought of the impact it would have on people who work with me, their attitude towards the team, their job, towards me (honestly I didn’t give a damn if they don’t like me for my temper tantrums when its for their good which I realize now is very rare for their good & more for my own inflated ego) and would ultimately lead to an unhealthy, chaotic and degrading work environment.

I would not want to cite real life incidents I have come across for obvious reasons, however there is one which was the final nail in the coffin which forced me to change my way of thinking and try to be sensitive about the effects of my behavior on others.

The guards responsible for security of the building and the main entrance got in tiff with one of the driver on contract for a certain company, issue was really minor as the guy parked his car right in front of the gate momentarily, a petty thing got ugly with abuses flying from both sides & the driver’s supervisor had to finally calm both parties down and apologies to the security men. The driver went home but it did not stop there. 

Its been 3 days now and the attitude of the guards towards everyone contractor and vendor passing through the gate has changed, they seem to be more ruff in tone or rude when addressing people. I wasn’t there for the entire incident with the driver and the guards so can’t say who was at fault and who wasn’t but the people I have witnessed being spoken to rudely were certainly not involved and as I said its not just them its everyone except an employee on the company payroll(or maybe I have not witnessed one). 

I still take time out from work to stand at the gate with coffee to see how long it last or continues…..

All these events in the past week made me conscious that my behavior and actions certainly affect people around me and then the people around them as well. Well may be to a very damaging extent but it does. While I can’t go around being nice to everyone I meet and let people who know me wonder “What’s wrong with this guy” I can certainly keep this in mind when interacting with people around me.

Seems like I am over exaggerating but just think of a time an instance when you vented your frustrations on someone and then think why you actually did it then it tries to get clear, why the author thought he could make a difference by a few kind words and friendly gestures to complete strangers……

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